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Free Kindle Books – eBook Deals

  1. *Her Eyes Underwater – A Thrilling Romantic Suspense Novel by Romona Simon. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Adult Romance Suspense Deal, Sponsor, Psychological Suspense, a story of the secrets that can hide behind an elegant mask. Rated: 5 stars on 2 Reviews. 264 pages. ASIN: B0861KLVVH.
  2. *Tears of a Heart (Kan Savasci Cycle Book 1) (Deal, Not Free) by Chase Blackwood. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Fantasy Deal, Sponsor, perfect if you like Rothfuss and Epic Fantasy, very well written Fantasy. Rated: 4 stars on 97 Reviews. 573 pages. ASIN: B00MSV67YW. Get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.
  3. **Knocked Up by the CEO – A Second Chance Romance (Office Romances Book 2) (Deal, Not Free) by Annie J. Rose. Cost: $2.99. Genre: Adult Women’s Fiction Deal, Sponsor, A full-length office romance full of secrets and surprises and a whirlwind of forbidden naughtiness. Rated: 4.5 stars on 62 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B088BP48VD.
  4. *Catching Currents – A Frontier Historic Colorado Story (Deal, Not Free) by Kari August. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Historical Fiction Deal, Sponsor, A gripping and utterly enthralling story, You feel the struggle that the women of the frontier days, fighting for independence and often doing men’s work but still being treated as less important. Rated: 4.6 stars on 29 Reviews. 357 pages. ASIN: B084G9XK5G.
  5. *War’s Edge – Dead Heroes (Deal, Not Free) by Ryan W. Aslesen. Cost: $2.99. Genre: Space Marine Science Fiction Deal, Sponsor, Bleeding edge of space, the daily grind of combat patrols transforms good men into cold-blooded killers and weak ones into bitter memories. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B086B7N1HB.
  6. *When The Stars Align – A Contemporary Romance (Deal, Not Free) by Isabel Jolie. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Adult Romance Deal, Sponsor, Friends to Lovers romance. Rated: 4.4 stars on 37 Reviews. 266 pages. ASIN: B082GDMC62.
  7. *School and My Bully Experience by Frank Joseph Minichetti. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Young Adult and Younger Teens Story about Bullying Deal, Sponsor, helpful tips about handling bullying, mixed in with a story. Rated: 5 stars on 14 Reviews. 176 pages. ASIN: B082XLFLHP.
  8. *The Accounts of Benny’s Diner and Other Stories (Deal, Not Free) by David Lopez. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Christian Fiction Deal, Sponsor, June must reconcile her ways to God before the World Ends, The Rapture. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 292 pages. ASIN: B07Y63V83D. Get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.
  9. *By Any Other Name (Deal, Not Free) by Joanne Paige. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Women’s Fiction Deal, Sponsor, Chic Lit, Coincidences in Love Life. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 22 pages. ASIN: B0881DTT2T.
  10. *How to Hear God, 10 Ways God Speaks – How to Hear God’s Voice (Deal, Not Free) by Sterling Harris. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Christian Nonfiction Deal, Sponsor, Have a better relationship with God through hearing His voice, Know God intimately. Rated: 5 stars on 12 Reviews. 340 pages. ASIN: B087C81XCX.
  11. ***Married to my Boss – A Secret Baby Romance (Deal, Not Free) by Dawn Mossman. Cost: $2.99. Genre: Adult Secret Baby Deal, Sponsor, She wants a pretend husband so as to score her dream job, what if he discovers about their secret baby. Rated: 4.4 stars on 115 Reviews. 261 pages. ASIN: B087M71XWX.
  12. *2021 – 2050 FUTURE EVENTS FORETOLD by J. C. ADAM. Cost: $5. Genre: End of Times Events Non Fiction Deal, Sponsor, signs that the end of times is approaching. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 162 pages. ASIN: B087TG1N2S. Get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.
  13. *Chosen Alpha (The Olympia Pack Book 1) (Deal, Not Free) by Rae Hendricks. Cost: $1.99. Genre: Adult Shifter Romance Deal, Sponsor, USA Today Bestselling Author, Three brothers sharing a family secret, If you like Kresley Cole and Patricia Briggs. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 196 pages. ASIN: B086844LYS. USA Today Bestselling Author Rae Hendricks.
  14. *COVID-19 – A GLOBAL NOVEL IN A GLOBAL VILLAGE (French Edition) (Deal, Not Free) by Dr. Joseph Adrien Emmanuel DEMES M.D. M.P.H. Ph.D. (c). Cost: $2.99. Genre: Contemporary Romance Deal, Sponsor, A global pandemic sends communities into a panicked frenzy, Dr Amigioli and Elisay are fighting against ignorance, fake news, and fear. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 199 pages. ASIN: B0874GV8G8.
  15. *The Secret to Everything – How to Live More and Suffer Less (Deal, Not Free) by Neel Burton. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Nonfiction Book Deal, Sponsor, Find the common thread that runs through all the chapters, Discover the secret. Rated: 4.3 stars on 22 Reviews. 114 pages. ASIN: B084DCY3D6.
  16. *Asbury High and the Parcels of Poison – Asbury High Series Book 2 by Kelly Brady Channick. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Cozy Mystery for All Ages Deal, Sponsor, There is no shortage of suspects, But can they solve the case before the summer, and Brady’s, are finished. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 163 pages. ASIN: B088F1W592.
  17. *Altered Helix – Novella One (Deal, Not Free) by Stephanie Hansen. Cost: $0.99. Genre: YA Romance Deal, Sponsor, well developed characters and well crafted settings, a very strong romance, excellent ending. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 89 pages. ASIN: B087X9X2JZ.
  18. *The Stoned (Deal, Not Free) by Mouneer Soulaiman. Cost: $0.99. Genre: War Fiction Deal, Sponsor, A moving and intense look at the human cost of the crisis in Syria. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 261 pages. ASIN: B07NPTTYFJ.
  19. *American Blasphemer – A Novel (Deal, Not Free) by John Matthew Gillen. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Christian Suspense Thriller Deal, Sponsor, A harrowing journey through American carnage culminates in a showdown with a tattooed witch and warlock who try to get John to join their coven. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 306 pages. ASIN: B087RSW7SS.
  20. ***Forbidden Crush – A Secret Baby Romance (Forbidden Lovers Book 4) (Deal, Not Free) by Natasha L. Black. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Adult Romance Deal, Sponsor, She is hiding something, A secret, he would not stop until he finds out what she is hiding. Rated: 4.7 stars on 105 Reviews. 174 pages. ASIN: B088TW2DTX.
  21. *The Sacrifice of One (Camilla Crim Series Book 1) (Deal, Not Free) by Emily Fortney. Cost: $0.99. Genre: YA Mystery Deal, Sponsor, She has been branded marking her as little better than a slave. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 244 pages. ASIN: B01M0LB2H1.
  22. *From Peking Man to Jerusalem – Practical memory techniques for highly efficient learning- Chinese, math, English, long texts (Deal, Not Free) by Ido Shapira. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Memory Improvement Nonfiction Deal, Sponsor, Memory methods, Acquire exceptional memory abilities. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 188 pages. ASIN: B07MLSH3PZ.
  23. *Self-Publishing Fast Track – 7 Easy Steps to Write Your First Book and Share Your Story (Deal, Not Free) by Jenelle Jack. Cost: $0.99. Genre: African American Nonfiction Deal, Sponsor, Determine your book’s purpose before you start writing, Understand reader expectations. Rated: 5 stars on 4 Reviews. 104 pages. ASIN: B07RN2YFKH. Get the audiobook here, please.
  24. *A Good Girl’s Thug Love (Love On The Run Romance Book 2) (Deal, Not Free) by Rachel Ramirez. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Adult African American Romance Deal, Sponsor, Will Lillian be able to fight against an entire Mafia on her own. Rated: 5 Stars on 1 Reviews. 50 pages. ASIN: B0886CPHXL.
  25. *Solace From Shadows – Where Mortality and Eternity Collide (Heart and Soul Book 1) (Deal, Not Free) by R. W. Patterson. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Shifter Romance Deal, Sponsor, A chance encounter with a protective, mysterious stranger. Rated: 4.9 stars on 17 Reviews. 326 pages. ASIN: B01A1NCMIS.
  26. *Raising A Champion – A 30-Day Plan to Coaching Your Child’s ‘Mental Game’ for Peak Performance in Sports and Life (Deal, Not Free) by Mike Madden. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Nonfiction Book Deal, Sponsor, Self-confidence development guide, How to become a coach of your own child. Rated: 5 stars on 12 Reviews. 108 pages. ASIN: B087TF984D.
  27. *Anyone Can Lead – You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader (Deal, Not Free) by Susmita Dutta. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Nonfiction Book Deal, Sponsor, Improve your own leadership style, Anyone can be a great leader. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 137 pages. ASIN: B0852W57BB.
  28. *Fairfax & Glew – Volume 1 (Deal, Not Free) by Parker McCoy. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Mystery Deal, Sponsor, Fairfax and Glew are stuck in a snowstorm but crime does not shut down because of the weather. Rated: 4 stars on 20 Reviews. 96 pages. ASIN: B084LBRR67.
  29. *Average Sucks – Why You Don’t Get What You Want (And What to Do About It) (Deal, Not Free) by Michael Bernoff. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Nonfiction Book Deal, Sponsor, If you feel stuck or unsatisfied with where you are, What to do about it. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 129 pages. ASIN: B085C1FYDK.
  30. *The Liberty Arms (Deal, Not Free) by Jack Fisher. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Mystery Deal, Sponsor, A cat and mouse chase through the war-torn city, the hunter and the hunted. Rated: 5 stars on 2 Reviews. 285 pages. ASIN: B0883DYL8D.
  31. **Stop Chasing Start Attracting – Discover The Three Pillars That Will Help You Become An Energetic Match To Money, So You Can Do Less And Attract More (Deal, Not Free) by Kristen Noelle. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Nonfiction Book Deal, Sponsor, Learn the truth about money and why you may be overestimating your ability to attract it. Rated: 5 stars on 28 Reviews. 159 pages. ASIN: B088ST24MN.
  32. *Erotica box set: 4 Taboo Sex Stories Bundle – (Collection of Vampire, Lesbian, Hypnosis, Rough, and more) (Deal, Not Free) by Aurora Ashwood. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Adult Lesbian Romance Deal, Sponsor, A popular urban legend, A journalist hungry for a career-defining story. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 138 pages. ASIN: B088ZW49RD.
  33. *The Teachers’ Family (Deal, Not Free) by Terezia Kontova. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction Deal, Sponsor, Teachers and their Students, A Great Future, Author won a San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention for General Fiction in 2019. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B081VRWNH9. Get ‘The Teacher’s Family’ here, for $0.99. Please Note: Author won Honorable Mentions at the 2018 and 2019 San Francisco Book Festivals. Get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.

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