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Free Kindle Books – eBook Deals

  1. *Black River Lantern by Alex Grass. Cost: Free. Genre: Occult Horror Fiction Deal, Sponsor, Second sight, A supernatural horror story that he cannot escape, a curse. Rated: 4.1 stars on 7 Reviews. ASIN: B08KGCQ4K3. Also, get the eBook version here, please.
  2. *The Real Deal – Get Known for Your Genuine Expertise in an Era of Bullsh*t Gurus by Mary Kate Gulick. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Entrepreneurship & Content Marketing Nonfiction Deal, Sponsor, Time for real-deal experts to push their way up. Rated: 5 stars on 2 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B08KPKCRLL.
  3. *The Anatomy of Love – The Five Elements of Love (Deal, Not Free) by Hugo Bradford. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Dating Advice for Women Nonfiction Deal, Sponsor, 5 Fundamental Dimensions of compatibility. Rated: 4 stars on 10 Reviews. 337 pages. ASIN: B08KBN958T. Also, get the eBook version here, please.
  4. *Escape from America – An Introspective Journey from America into China (Deal, Not Free) by Vinnie Apicella. Cost: $0.99. Genre: International Relations Nonfiction Deal, Sponsor, Culture Clash Between The East and the West. Rated: 5 stars on 4 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B082J4CQ8W.
  5. *The Kafir – The Unbeliever (Deal, Not Free) by Abigail Rook. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Conspiracy Thriller Deal, Sponsor, A deadly epidemic erupts, but it seems to be under control quickly, If you like Tom Clancy, John Grisham. Rated: 4.5 stars on 5 Reviews. 249 pages. ASIN: B08DFF99VL.
  6. *The One Singularity (Deal, Not Free) by RD Palmer. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Near Future Artificial Intelligence Adventure Deal, Sponsor, The One brings heaven to earth, and answers everyone’s prayers, Can it be stopped, it is everywhere at the same time. Rated: 4.7 stars on 9 Reviews. 388 pages. ASIN: B08DK8YJPX. Also, get the eBook version here, please.
  7. *Holding On – Ruthless Sinners MC (Deal, Not Free) by L. Wilder. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance Deal, Sponsor, It will have you rooting for forgiveness, mended hearts, and second chances. Rated: 4.5 stars on 12 Reviews. 275 pages. ASIN: B08KTJKWXX.
  8. *The Disturbing Tales of Tyler West by Landon Purser. Price is: Free. Genres are: Urban Fantasy Deal, Sponsor, An Evil Lurks Under the City, Demons Roaming the City Tunnels, The Beginning of a Great Terrible Tale. Also get the eBook version here, please.
  9. *Cruising to Danger by Helen Yeomans. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Mystery Deal, Sponsor, Women Sleuths, She risks everything, putting herself and Jackie in harm’s way in an attempt to save two innocent lives. Rated: 4 stars on 1 Reviews. ASIN: B08FXSPXKC.
  10. *Who Plugged the Dyke – A Magawatta, Indiana Election Mystery (Deal, Not Free) by Steve Schatz. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Mystery Deal, Sponsor, The merry band from the small Indiana college town’s drag bar return, It is a Magawatta Mystery. Rated: 4.8 stars on 8 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B08BTXXFDK. Also, get the eBook version here, please.
  11. *The Furnace of Affliction – How God Uses Our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose by Horace Williams Jr.. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Christian Living Deal, Sponsor, How God uses and redeems our pain. Rated: 5 stars on 11 Reviews. 214 pages. ASIN: B08F4PS8P9.
  12. * Prophecy of the Twins by Talissa O’Shrigar. Price is: Free. Genres are: Coming of Age Fantasy Deal, Sponsor, A country of fortune tellers, The fortune tellers serve the kingdom. 402 pages. Also, get the ePub version here, please.
  13. *(Box Set Deal, Not Free) Infidelity Box Set (Deal, Not Free) by Aleatha Romig. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Adult Romance Box Set Deal, Sponsor, NY Times Bestselling Author, One week, No names, No more, Things heat up when she meets the sexy, mysterious Nox. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 999 pages. ASIN: B08J6QXZMN.
  14. *20 Seconds at a time (Deal, Not Free) by Akshat Agarwal. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Self Help Nonfiction Deal, Sponsor, Develop any skill, Achieve your goals. Rated: 4.6 stars on 16 Reviews. 31 pages. ASIN: B08CHGNF8V.
  15. *Gates to Tangier (Deal, Not Free) by Mois Benarroch. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Historical Fiction Deal, Sponsor, An international bestseller published in 7 languages. Rated: 5 stars on 4 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B082XHZQFK.
  16. *The Immigrant’s Lament (Deal, Not Free) by Mois Benarroch. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Poetry Deal, Sponsor, Each of the 50 other poems are filled with musings on love, relationships, and time. Rated: 4 stars on 58 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B004QTOS90.
  17. *The Stone Warrior – A Gunpowder Fantasy Western (The Sacrosanct Records Book 1) (Deal, Not Free) by M. N. Jolley. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Historical Fantasy Deal, Sponsor, A captivating and creative mix of True Grit, Mattimeo, and Good Old Fashioned D&D Fantasy. Rated: 4.3 stars on 31 Reviews. 446 pages. ASIN: B07K9Y237R.
  18. ***Blood Brothers – Dragon Wars – Book 1 of 20 – An Epic Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Adventure Series (Deal, Not Free) by Craig Halloran. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Coming of Age Fantasy Deal, Sponsor, Will the fearless pair uncover their true purpose before evil returns them to slavery. Rated: 4.6 stars on 116 Reviews. 290 pages. ASIN: B081XGS6MG.
  19. *Remembered – Remnants Of Another Life by Diana Leston. Cost: Free. Genre: Adult Shifter Romance Deal, Sponsor, Werewolf and priestess reunite after 500 year separation, and passions flare as the two work together to track down an elusive secret agent. Rated: 4.6 stars on 12 Reviews. 267 pages. ASIN: B07SRJSWZW. Get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.
  20. *THE LITTLEST HEDGEHOG’S GREAT DREAM – THE LITTLEST HEDGEHOG’S GREAT DREAM – A children’s book about good deeds and about exemplary parent’s. (Kids book 1) by Ashot Tsatinyan. Cost: $2.99. Genre: Children’s Bedtime Story Deal, Sponsor, Easy read, your kids will love it. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. ASIN: B087CDPRMQ. Also, get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.
  21. *Limitless Expansion Secrets – LES because we all want to work less (Deal, Not Free) by Trey Carmichael. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Business and Money Guide Deal, Sponsor, Building And Nurturing Your Business from the Ground Up, Laying a Solid Foundation for Your Business. Rated: 4.5 stars on 11 Reviews. 151 pages. ASIN: B08KR9F393. Also, get the eBook version here, please.
  22. *SkyView – Lord of the Wills by M. Sheehan. Cost: $4.99. Genre: Historical Mystery Deal, Sponsor, A brilliant combination of science fiction, historical fiction, and mystery. Rated: 5 stars on 10 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B08GHC53Z1. Also, get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.
  23. ***Do No Harm (The Medical Students Book 1) (Deal, Not Free) by James B. Cohoon. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Medical Thriller Deal, Sponsor, A doctor focused on vigilantism. Rated: 4.2 stars on 100 Reviews. 301 pages. ASIN: B089LKW8ZF.
  24. *The Man On The Rails – An absorbing and contemplative tale about the ravages of war and the need for love (Deal, Not Free) by Rovshan Abdullaoglu. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Contemporary Fiction Deal, Sponsor, A fascinating life story which reflects the struggle on the way to one’s deeper self, which unfolds against the background of love, selflessness, betrayal, and the horror of the Srebrenica massacre. Rated: 5 stars on 5 Reviews. 306 pages. ASIN: B07JGP88WJ.
  25. *This City is Empty – This book is dedicated to everyone who never gives up and stands up to cancer and other great challenges (Deal, Not Free) by Rovshan Abdullaoglu. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Fiction Deal, Sponsor, Dedicated to everyone who never gives up and stands up to cancer and other great challenges. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B08C7ZHPLP.
  26. *THE PROPHETIC ABDUCTION OF PATRICIA ROBERTSON – A POLITICAL AND SPIRITUAL JOURNEY TO MAKE AMERICA GOOD AGAIN (Deal, Not Free) by LAURI BRYAN. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Political Fiction Deal, Sponsor, A devout antiabortion Evangelical is caught in the crosshairs of a brilliant environmental extremist resolved to save the world by turning hers upside down. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 201 pages. ASIN: B08JHB8J1M. Please Note: We are not endorsing this view point (critical of President Trump). We do not take any political stance. We just share books, regardless of their political affiliation.
  27. **The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter (Deal, Not Free) by Caroline Flarity. Cost: $0.99. Genre: YA Horror Deal, Sponsor, Can she keep the increasing dark urges at bay, Trigger Warning. Rated: 4.5 stars on 57 Reviews. 264 pages. ASIN: B07QNFKL7M.
  28. **Eddie Versus the Shadow Shifters – in the Battle for Christmas (The Adventures of Eddie Book 1) by Brandon Stevenson. Cost: $2.99. Genre: Children’s Christmas Book Deal, Sponsor, It is days before Oct 16th – Christmas, An adventurous boy discovers that no one in town is aware that Christmas is just around the corner. Rated: 4.9 stars on 29 Reviews. ASIN: B075K5GVRD.
  29. *No Halo Required by Travis Casey. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Women’s Fiction Deal, Sponsor, She witnesses her husband’s greatest sin, her life is about to change forever, But it does not have to. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 200 pages. ASIN: B08K2SHLXH. Please Note: $0.99 only for pre order. On Oct 22nd price will be raised to $2.99.
  30. *Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water (The Princess of Nature Series Book 1) (Deal, Not Free) by Cassandra Finnerty. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Fantasy Deal, Sponsor, Powers to Control the Sky, Fire, Water and Earth. Rated: 4 stars on 60 Reviews. 241 pages. ASIN: B07MXQ7M59.
  31. *Screamcatcher – Web World (Deal, Not Free) by Christy J. Breedlove. Cost: $0.99. Genre: Horror Book Deal, Sponsor, How can they find the center of the web, where all good things are allowed to pass. Rated: 4.2 stars on 33 Reviews. 220 pages. ASIN: B07QDK5M75.
  32. ***Mayhem 337 – Memoir of a Combat Advisor in Afghanistan (Deal, Not Free) by Chad Rickard. Cost: $4.99. Genre: Biographies & Memoirs Deal, Sponsor, A graphic description of fighting side by side with Afghan Soldiers and US Army Special Forces against numerically superior enemy forces. Rated: 4.6 stars on 96 Reviews. 257 pages. ASIN: B07YZRPQXH. Also, get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.

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